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Sustainable fashion and print-on-demand: Yoi Shohin's vision
"Fashion is an industry that has a significant impact on the environment. From the use of chemicals in production to the pollution caused by disposing of old clothes, fashion can be very harmful to our planet. But Yoi Shohin, The online clothing store noted for its unique designs and illustrations inspired by Asian culture is taking steps to reduce its environmental impact by using print-on-demand.
 What is print on demand?
 Print-on-demand is a clothing production process in which the item of clothing is only printed after a purchase has been made. In other words, large quantities of clothing are not printed in advance, which reduces surplus and waste. Instead, print-on-demand allows you to produce only what is needed and avoid creating large amounts of unsold stock.
 Why is print-on-demand good for the environment?
 Print-on-demand is a green practice for a number of reasons. First, reduce excess production. Many fashion companies produce large quantities of clothing that don't sell and end up being thrown away. With print-on-demand, Yoi Shohin only produces what is needed, helping to reduce the amount of clothing that goes to waste.
 Additionally, print-on-demand reduces the amount of resources used to produce the clothing. Less water, energy and other resources are used in the production of each item of clothing, which means there is a lower environmental footprint. There is also less transportation involved in the production and distribution of clothing, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
 Another advantage of print-on-demand is that it allows for greater personalization of clothing items. Yoi Shohin can offer a wide variety of unique designs and illustrations inspired by Asian culture thanks to print-on-demand. Customers can choose the garment and design that they like best, which means there is less waste in the production of clothing that does not sell.
 In conclusion, print-on-demand is a green practice that benefits both the fashion company and the environment. Yoi Shohin is doing his part to reduce his environmental footprint and protect our planet, while offering high-quality clothing inspired by Asian culture. Join us in this fight and do your part to protect our planet!"

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